Shop the Latest Fashion at Shopbop!俏皮個性,帶點叛逆甜美的女性特質SEA其實是兩個設計師所創力的一個品牌,分別是Sean Monahan和Sean Monahan這兩位設計師,以下是對他們所進行的一個訪問,畢竟我想很多人對他們還是很陌生吧,看一些別人做的相關訪談和報導可以讓我們更深入了解他們,以及這個品牌!

SEA 為獨立連衣裙品牌,由畢生都是朋友的 Monica Paolini 與 Sean Monahan 設計。Monahan 在結束其媒體與科技事業生涯後,於 2007 年推出此品牌。Monica 於 2009 年加盟此品牌,他們一起設計這一融合女性唯美特色和時尚元素且透出性感風格的單品系列。Sea 服裝具有特色且易於穿著,式每個城市女性衣櫃中的主打必備單品。



SEA is an immersive world, especially for designers Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini, who spend their days in an airy Canal Street loft that serves as both studio and residence. On our recent visit, we were immediately charmed—with its giant skylight, high ceilings, and open ambiance, it’s the kind of place you never want to leave. It’s also the kind of place where a line like SEA, with its whimsical and gracefully cool vibe, could be conjured up.
Over afternoon tea, the two best friends, co-workers and Newburgh, NY natives gave us an intimate look into their friendship, their collaboration and the pleasure of loft living. Our only remaining question: when will we be invited back?

Barneys New York: How did your collaboration come to fruition?
Sean Monahan: We’ve known each other forever. We grew up in the same town. I started the line about five and a half years ago. Monica joined two years ago and ever since then, Sea has become what it is. She made it infinitely better.
Monica Paolini: I was working as a designer for Jill Stuart and Betsey Johnson while helping Sean focus and figure out the line. It was difficult to do both at the same time, so I was really happy, once we got stronger, to be able to come on full-time.
BNY: How do you divide up the work now that you’re partners?
SM: I take credit for everything that’s good; and everything that’s bad is Monica. That’s like my whole life—if I’m at a restaurant and it’s bad, it’s her fault.
MP: We’re usually inspired mostly by the fabrics. We start with that together.
SM: Monica usually does a lot of the real work for the next phase; she starts to come up with designs. Then, we start to detail them to the patternmaker, we fit them, and in the end, we go over what’s in the collection—filling holes, dropping things, adding things.
BNY: Do you pay attention to trends in terms of prints, colors and shapes?
SM: You have to pay attention to what’s happening, but we’re not a trend-driven brand. We have our style, our aesthetic, and we worked hard at developing that. Hopefully, the customer appreciates that and we are able to build and grow the brand within that sphere.

以下這些圖是Sean Monahan和Sean Monahan兩位設計師還有他們的工作室!

採訪中提到,所謂的sea 品牌所打造的女性特質是?

一個樂觀開朗 ,帶點 挑性 輕挑的調皮, 和微微羞澀感的鄰家女孩!

以及一段訪問如對他們在設計這份工作上的小小分享,還有工作態度, 及生活還有未來展望~

BNY: So who is the SEA girl?
SM: Someone who’s kind of optimistic, modestly provocative.
MP: Not too showy.
SM: Like nearly the girl next door, but not quite the girl next door. A few doors down—takes a little longer to get there.
MP: Our aesthetic looks very much like a French girl—laid-back and easy, but with a prettiness and femininity and chicness to it.
BNY: Was there a moment when you knew you had arrived as designers?
MP: I don’t think we did yet. We’re just trying to work hard.
SM: Well, I try to work less. The less I work, the more I’ll know I’ve arrived. But being on the floor at Barneys is really important. It’s a really sought-after store for all designers and if you’re a part of that, that’s an honor. But I think we’re still trying to arrive. May be if I had an elevator, that would be cool. I’m looking for simple things.
BNY: Are there any other specific goals you’re working towards?
SM: We’re trying expand the brand by growing into different product categories and offering the girl a complete look step by step. We’ll be doing bags for Spring 2012.
MP: We want to keep making the brand a little bit more sophisticated and grown-up with each collection.
BNY: How is it living and working together in the same space?
SM: It’s fun; it’s one of the best things. That’s really the value of the company—working together. There’s no huge paychecks, but it pays the rent and it’s a good life. There’s definitely stress, but there’s something rewarding about it. You’re doing what you want to do.
MP: We have fun every day.

1. Silk leather trim blouse; 2. Leather skirt dress; 3. Lace pocket dress; 4. Chevron knit dress; 5. Animal print jacket; 6. Cheetah print skirt; 7. Lace skirt; 8. Printed shirt dress; 9. Leather trim pant
- Alisha Prakas

上面是轉貼分享的文章,因為這兩位設計師的資料目前比較難找到! 目前我找到這個是比較具體的訪問資料,要了解會比較快, 除此之外下面也會分享一些他們設計的服裝給各位!

首先挑一件最喜歡的幾件特別設計跟各位分享一下囉! 希望你們也喜歡我所挑選出來跟各位分享的俏皮女孩SEA服裝!

 下面是我從網站 shopbop 取得的圖片! 想要看更多請至>>>Shop the Latest Fashion at Shopbop!

這簡裸空的設計不同以往只是透明的材質變化, 類似圖騰變形蟲一樣的! 真實的裸空針織設計,精緻度特別度辨識度突然遽增!

這件簡單的拼接上衣! 看似簡單,但都是經過仔細的設計所呈現的圖騰顏色對稱!
前端兩片的下墜領口般的腰身設計, 搭配線調起來不會顯得單調之於也不會顯得太過老氣~
千鳥格配上線調的對稱! 不管是顏色還是線調運用的恰到好處,強烈的民俗風味! 非常亮眼


搭配白色的區塊變化, 看似大膽卻有保守羞澀的活潑感覺, 讓人過目不忘!

最特別的是給人很亮眼的感受, 前部分裙子還有皺褶的設計, 讓他自然的垂墜下來, 更適合女性的溫柔線調,好似讓人容易親近但帶點調皮個性的少女!

如同上方的洋裝一樣,印花式的裸空沒有那麼強烈線調感覺! 給人溫柔高貴的感受~

但後方的拉鍊外露,可能會讓人覺得有點叛逆感, 在Sea洋裝裡面, 我認為是比較女性化的!

但黑色以及水藍色的搭配,就顯得比較不會那麼的沉重, 非常適合高貴有品味的年輕女孩!!

閱讀更多請至Shop the Latest Fashion at Shopbop!

看似俏皮又年輕,其實設計算大膽但又不會讓人覺得難以靠近,我想這就是Sea他們的品牌風格! 那個俏皮羞澀帶點叛逆的小女孩~


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